Thursday, March 10, 2011


Talking bout best friend....i'm pretty sure everyone have it rite??
ya...i'm really miss my best friends...huhu..i dun know why..
esp Syaza n Ayu(The 3'G),paey faizah...
they are really awesome!!

For Syaza n Ayu
<3 sayanggss...thanks for always supporting me..
i'm know i'm not perfect,sometimes,i'm doing mistakes....
but from the bottom of my heart u're my LOVES!!
Our memories always fresh in my mind and my heart..
I don't know what people say bout me...and i'm not bother it at all..
as long as i'm know that u're there for me..
and one more thing that i want let u know is,i'm kind when the others kind..
and both of u are my sweetheart....


:.Syaza..hope ko cpat2 kawin u darl .:

:.Ayu my LOve...good luck 4 ur future undertaking and ur relationship k .:

For Paey...thanks for always help me when i'm in trouble...we're know since part 1 diploma and i'm really 
grateful have u as my best friend...hope u're always have the strength to face the future and i will pray for your success.
And a BIG Thanks to ain ilyana and ain rahmat for always besides me whatever problem that i have...

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