Saturday, March 19, 2011


i don't know why..while i'm trying to analyze what question should i ask for my mini project...
suddenly i'm feel weird..weird bout my it true or not??or it's just my feeling..
i don't know is  the instinct relate to me??...or it just the evil whisper to let me down...
Ya Allah..i'm seek your blessing to help me complete this semester with the flying color..
i'm really need it to prove to my parents that i can make them proud of me..
Friends..sorry if i'm hurt u directly or indirectly..i'm really not meant it..& sorry  if i'm always burden u'll..thanks for all your kindness..if i'm wrong..please tell me...i'm begging u'll ..
please tell me if i'm i can change my attitude,the way i'm treat u...I'M SORRY
Frankly,i'm always love u'll friends..i'm trying to make u'll easy and comfortable with me..
but sometimes,i did not realize that i'm hurt u..

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