Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Wall of China

The great wall of China.I'm 100% sure that the architectural and structure of this wall are fantastic and can't be fall down easily unless Allah S.W.T want to destroy it.
why suddently i'm posted this entry??this is because,i'm in the learning process to teach my heart and my brain to be a great wall of surie..(cewah!!memandai je ubah kan)...
more or less,about 3 weeks only i will be here.dalam hati rasa berat sngt nak tinggal kan dungun.But,at the same time,i want to go out from here!!out from all sort of problem,the busyness and etc.
~BUT friends,i will be missing u'll~

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SiS NaD said...

SaLaM ZiaRaH DaRi SiS... DaTaNG ZiaRah DaRi BLoG aBG BeN... Nak KoTaKan JaNJi TuK ZiaRaH RaKaN2 BLoGGeRS!~ (^_____^)V

JoM MeRiaHKaN DooNia BLoGGeRS MaLaYSia!~ (^_____^)V