Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tikah's Wedding

Today on 14 may 2011,one of my friend has end up her bachelor life and will beame an awesome and wonderful wife!!Congratulation Friend..hehehehe
Now I'm realized that some of or part of my kindergarten,secondary and primary school's friends are now getting married..hahahaha...and I'm still single and just to build up my successful career life soon! amin

TIKAH congratulation on your wedding okay


suha said...

same goes 2 me..member2 sume dh kwen tp xpe,jodoh 2 hak Allah..insyAllah bile masenye tiba,kwen gak nnti hehehe

kalo bg pndpt sket leh?hehehe ape kata guna pop up window,lg senang nk komen..hehehe skdr pndpt seorng blogwalker =)

MesmeRize Me said...