Saturday, October 15, 2011

Relationship Stories.

Salam.Hai.Hello.Namaste.Ni Hao.
talking about relationship status..especially in Facebook,absolutely bout love right?
For the Past 2 Month ago.i'm quite desperate to find boyfriend.
maybe the people who read this think that i'm not ashamed to tell others that i'm need boyfriend.
But now,i'm realize that boyfriend are not important as long as i have a best friend that are always accompany me,hear my problem and able to understand what i feel.
:.i'm free without relationship with any boys.unless friends.:

FYI,i'm still keep track my ex-boyfie activities.
and i'm sad that he's still unchanged.
still with his old behavior.
i'm pray & wish that he will realized his action and be more mature & be more responsible.
if he read this,i want to thanks to him about all the good deeds he had done to me.
Such as giving me money & able to hear all my problems.
i Will try my best to repay all your kindness.Just give me time.
And Also A big Thanks to my Top Best friends Ever After
.:Norazareefa Mat Sa'ari.:

Thanks Because:-
1)Always make me realized that friend are more precious than a lover
2)Always give me strength when i'm weak.
3)Always Support me,whenever i'm need it.

.:Nurul Shazwanie.:
Thanks Because:-
1) Willingly ti help me when i'm broke.
2)understand my situation
3)Love u!!

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missina said...

rilek dik,,muda lg kan,,