Sunday, January 22, 2012

Entry 2012

My Welcoming Entry For 2012 start With:

1)New Job
Ok.I'm offered as an Account assistant specialist in Asset & Procurement at V Telecoms Berhad
So,i have to calculate all the assets,Depreciations..and then the other task will be assigned such as
ordering the assets& stocks..can't imaging whether i can perform well or not.I wish i can fulfill my superior & everyone surround  needs.
Yeah I need to diet not just for the beauty but the important thing is the health..all come in package rite??
Hope so!!

Okay talk Bout the relationship...there is no time to talk but boyfriend but it's for friends...
So,i want to build up the an interesting relationship in order to share the info & problems.

Saya Sayang Mereka

Welcome 2012..Hope This Year Will be More Cheerful & Bless From Allah S.W.T